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Main Flight Controls


The objective of this task is to create the main flight controls i.e. the Ailerons and the Elevator controls. The controls should interface to the PC via a USB joystick controller.  


The original design of the flight control was based on Jentron Gimbal Mk2 by Jene Buckle. The MkII photos can be seen on his site: http://www.geneb.org/pitkit/jentron_mk2/. Due to some dificulties in getting hold of the right springs and other hardware, Iv'e decided to buy a Flight Control systemand chose the Logitech Flight System G940.

The construction are done in several parts:

  • Grip Handle
  • Control Grip Sleeve
  • Modifying the USB joystick

Grip Handle

The grip is from a Top Gun joystick bought on eBay. The real grip is a Otto B8 and is a bit expensive.

Control Grip Adaptor

The Grip Adaptor is made of Aliminium on a laith. It is used to connect the Otto grip to the pipe that is connected to the joystick.

Grip Adaptor

Modifying USB Joystick

The Logitech G940 Force Feedback Joystick was modifies for the main flight controls. I started by removing the joystick grip first. This left me with a very short plastic shaft to connect the long 32mm control column.

To enable the flight control to extend from the floor upwards I used Pratley Steel Putty around the joystick shaft to to make an adapter to fit in the 32mm pipe. A cut was made into the pipe to make it fit easier and a hose clamp to keep it in place once fitted. A hole was kept through the centre of the Pratley Putty adapter so that the joystick cables can run through it, up in the pipe the the Otto grip.

The joystick was then mounted in a special assembly and fitted underneath the floor.


Grip Buttons

The button functionality of the Otto grip will be implemented by the BU0836 joystick controller
by Leo Bodnar. The BU0836 has 8 (10bit) analog input channels, 32 buttons inputs and a 8-way hat switch input pins.  Here is what the BU0836 joystick controller looks like.